App-Based Administration of Thinking Assessments

Hands using 10 different devices for critical thinking and innovation
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Insight Assessment test instruments are available through the Critical Thinking Insight app, downloadable on the Apple App Store, Microsoft Store and Google Play.   This app based test online system provides the option of taking our thinking and reasoning assessments on most mobile devices as well as desktop systems.

Benefits of app based assessments delivery include:

  • flexibility: allowing your test takers to take the assessment on their own devices anytime, anywhere
  • security: app technology uses the most advanced security procedures for the confidentiality and protection of your test takers and your institution
  • global delivery: testing can be done  globally 24/7/365 using a multi-language capable interface
  • easy access to free sample questionsthat test takers can use to familiarize themselves with the test process
  • individual and group results accessible through secure client administrator tool
  • individual report option: you decide if test takers will automatically receive individual results via email

Contact us to start an app-based thinking and reasoning assessment program.

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