4 Steps to Embed Critical Thinking into Curriculum

Graphic lists Academic uses for Insight Assessment student critical thinking skills and mindset data including admissions, accreditation, documenting student learning, quality improvement initiatives & Institutional effectiveness
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Insight Assessment clients are successfully implementing critical thinking across their core curriculum using these easy but important steps:

  1. Pretest entering students with Insight Assessment’s world’s leading college level assessments of critical thinking (available in multiple languages including English, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese) to identify individual students’ strengths and weaknesses.

  2. Aggregate pretest data by college or major for the faculty of each unit.

  3. Best Practices:  equip all core curriculum instructors with the complimentary teaching and learning resource package Insight Assessment provides to testing customers.  

  4. Post-test students to obtain clear objective evidence of student gains as they complete their core courses, demonstrating the effectiveness of the institution’s integration of critical thinking into the core curriculum.

Contact us to optimize our support for critical thinking in your core courses.

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