10 Characteristics of Effective Business Professionals

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Effective business professionals must be fully motivated to apply their knowledge, experience and skills to increase results every day. Strong thinking skills are not enough.

Superior cognitive skills are founded on strong personal mindset attributes. Business growth is driven by lifelong learners and strong critical thinkers who can handle risk and uncertainty; anticipate outcomes; identify and analyze complex situations; evaluate options and produce more revenue; and drive the growth of your company. 

Employees must be prepared with the skills and motivation to adapt and to change.  So how can you build a team of focused problem-solvers and innovators?

10 Characteristics Measured by the INSIGHT Business Pro:

Strong team members, fast learners, and motivated go-getters are motivated by these 10 characteristics of the business thinking mindset:

  1. Judicious: They display thoughtfulness in decision-making; they understand that there is often more than one reasonable option.
  2. Committed: They are loyally oriented to the job and the company goals and mission.
  3. Honorable:  They conduct themselves with personal integrity, honesty and truthfulness.
  4. Foresightful: They strive to anticipate potential difficulties and to foresee consequences of decisions.
  5. Focused: They persistently focus on working through problems in an organized, systematic and orderly way.
  6. Adaptable: They are resilient, with an appetite for innovation and system changes.
  7. Resourceful: They are driven to find the means necessary to fulfill responsibilities; they are self-reliant.
  8. Tolerant: They respect diversity in the workplace, including showing due respect for different perspectives, opinions, and suggestions.
  9. Motivational: They communicate enthusiasm for the work at hand and inspire others to give their best.
  10. Professional:  They take an appropriate approach to social interactions at work and maintain focus on work responsibilities.

Building a team of effective business professionals

Identifying the strongest possible candidates for employment is a constant challenge for human resources professionals; doing this as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible is essential. Candidates who demonstrate strong business mindset can be predicted to learn their jobs quickly and to perform with greater success in situations requiring problem solving of any kind.

Why would you make a hire or promotion without assessing these metrics? 

Insight Assessment offers more than 30 years of evaluating the critical thinking skills and lifelong learning mindset of students, employees, managers, and leaders.  INSIGHT Business Professional provides you concrete data needed for hiring, placement and onboarding.  

Objective, reliable reports are provided for the 10 characteristics  plus these 5 top business thinking skills.  Available 24-7, your private and secure online assessments are encrypted, available in multiple languages, and can be deployed on multiple devices (cell phones, tablets, laptops, and computers).  The data is available real-time as soon as a participant’s responses are submitted and can be compiled as individual and group report formats.

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New Professional Development Tools:

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