10 Business Mindset Metrics

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Business Professionals need to have a winning mindset to succeed.  They must be willing and motivated to apply their knowledge, experience and skills to increase results every day. Superior cognitive skills must be founded on strong personal attributes.

Every day effective business professionals are:

  • Judicious:  display thoughtfulness in decision-making and an awareness there is often more than one reasonable option

  • Committed: be oriented to the job and the company goals and mission

  • Honorable:  conduct themselves with personal integrity, honesty and truthfulness

  • Foresightful: strive to anticipate potential difficulties and to foresee consequences of decisions

  • Focused: focus on working through problems in an organized and orderly way

  • Adaptable: have an appetite for innovation and system changes

  • Resourceful: be driven to find the means necessary to fulfill responsibilities

  • Tolerant:  respect diversity and different perspectives

  • Motivational: communicate enthusiasm for the work at hand and inspires others to give their best.

  • Professional:  take an appropriate approach to social interactions at work; maintains focus on work responsibilities

INSIGHT Business Professional objectively assesses and reports on each of these 10 essential mindsets plus 5 essential thinking skills.

EmployersWhy would you make a hire or promotion without assessing these metrics? 

Time is too valuable to waste interviewing candidates who don’t have the skills to expand your business. Before you schedule interviews, Contact us today to see how INSIGHT makes it easy to cost-effectively prescreen candidates for thinking strength.

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