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Why We Do What We Do

We are a value-driven company. Everyone at Insight Assessment is committed to and inspired by the value of advancing critical thinking. We believe in the power of a strong critical thinking skillset and a positive critical thinking mindset to produce better individual and group problem-solving and better decision-making.

Since 1986, we have assisted thousands of organizations and millions of individuals to gain the many professional, personal, and societal benefits that are the natural outcomes of a strong critical thinking skillset and mindset. 

Critical Thinking Skills SphereWe believe that no society, no organization, no individual, no community can thrive and flourish without its members learning to think well together. The risk of poor decision-making is too great. Critical thinking drives people and enables people to come to well-reasoned, reflective judgments about what to do and what to believe.

Critical thinking empowers everyone to analyze problems well, interpret information correctly, draw sound and reasonable inferences, evaluate arguments and the credibility of sources in a fair-minded way, and cogently explain their reasons for the positions and points of view they embrace.

Critical thinking gives leadership of all kinds at all levels the capacity to solve novel, urgent, important, capacious, and ill-structured problems well.

What We Offer

We offer validated, culturally sensitive, multi-language, industry-specific, online assessments of and training materials for strengthening the core reasoning skills and thinking mindset attributes necessary for reflective human decision making and problem solving.

We collaborate with a global network of organizations, professional colleagues, researchers, and translation partners to expand our capacity to understand how critical thinking is manifested and improved in different industry sectors, different kinds of organizations, and different cultures and regions of the planet.

We serve businesses, educational institutions, health care organizations, military and governmental departments, NGOs, and individual users with tools for candidate selection, risk management, professional development, learning success, and program evaluation purposes.  

In short, we provide critical thinking testing, training, and development worldwide. 

What the critical thinking data tell us“Mountains of Data”

Educational research and sound corporate training practices have demonstrated for many years now that strong critical thinking skills and a positive critical thinking mindset can fostered, developed, and accurately measured. To learn more about how critical thinking is manifested in business and educational organizations, see the white paper, “What the Critical Thinking Data Tell Us About Our Reasoning

Critical Thinking: What It Is and Why It Counts White Paper“Critical Thinking”

To learn about the international consensus conceptualization of critical thinking upon which our assessments and training materials are based. To learn how our reflective critical thinking – system 2 – works with our more reactive system 1 decision processes see “Critical Thinking: What It Is and Why It Counts”

How We Support Employers and Educators

To learn how employers and educators in 70+ countries and 25+ languages use our  specialized high quality culturally sensitive instruments to measure a person’s critical thinking skills and thinking mindset click here.

Our Founders: Drs. Noreen and Peter Facione

To learn more about questions which shaped and continue to fuel Peter and Noreen Facione’s passionate involvement with critical thinking, its relationship to human reasoning, and its measurement, training, and its vitally important practical application to health care decision making, to management problem solving, to effective leadership, and to everyday decisions, big and small see “Critical Thinking for Life: Valuing, Measuring, and Training Critical Thinking in All Its Forms


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