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Noreen Facione, Ph.D., CEO

Noreen Facione, Ph.D, CEO of Insight AssessmentDr. Noreen Facione, CEO of Insight Assessment since 2007, has led company expansion to a global provider of critical thinking assessments for the Business, Health Sciences, Education, Legal and Defense sectors.  Under Dr. Facione’s leadership, Insight Assessment maintains valid and reliable, technologically secure, assessment and training capability, responsive to the needs of the client. This standard is possible because of the exceptional team that is Insight Assessment.

For Dr. Facione, the company’s commitment to improving critical thinking worldwide is a challenge worth tireless effort. “Analyzing problems, making high-stakes decisions, managing risks, having innovative ideas, all of these depend on strength in critical thinking skills and mindset.  We need all of these to be healthy people, and to have happy families, successful businesses and stable governments, worldwide.

As a decision scientist and psychometrician at the University of California San Francisco, Dr. Facione described how strength in decision-making influenced symptom interpretation, care-seeking behavior and, as a result, earlier cancer detection. Links between reasoning skills and mindset attributes led to the development of assessments targeting the habits of mind needed for strength in critical thinking. Read More…

Insight Assessment was founded to make reasoning skills and mindset assessments available to independent scholars and educators engaged in the training and assessment of critical thinking. Over the years, Dr. Facione and the other research professionals at Insight Assessment, have worked with thousands of educators, government leaders, and corporate executives to help them design and carry out initiatives to improve reasoning and problem-solving in their organizations, agencies and classrooms. Her published books and training materials include: Critical Thinking and Clinical Reasoning in the Health Sciences; Thinking and Reasoning in Human Decision Making; and the INSIGHT Development Program.

Peter Facione, Ph.D., CFO, Senior Researcher

Dr. Peter Facione is an internationally known expert on the training and assessment of critical thinking and high stakes decision making. Facione has worked with business leaders, military officers and NCOs, artists and musicians, college faculty and K-12 teachers, health care professionals, and C-suite executives to help them develop system-wide initiatives focused on critical thinking.

Dr. Facione was the lead scientist in the development of the foundational, cross disciplinary consensus definition of critical thinking that now serves the international community (APA Delphi Project, 1990). He currently leads the instrument development team that creates and validates all assessment of reasoning skills and mindset attributes distributed by Insight Assessment. This includes the California Critical Thinking Skills Test (CCTST) and the INSIGHT series of assessments tailored for Business, Defense, Health Sciences, and other professional fields. Read More…

In collaboration with international scholars, he has overseen the development of culturally relevant, valid and reliable instrument translations for use by scholars in fifty nations, and more than 25 languages. As a Principal of Measured Reasons, LLC, a Managing Partner of Insight Assessment, and a previous Provost and Dean, Dr. Facione brings organizational, strategic planning and leadership development experience as well as scholarly expertise to our shared goal of advancing thinking worldwide. His published works include: Critical Thinking: What it is and Why It Counts; Thinking and Reasoning in Human Decision Making, Think Critically, and the INSIGHT Development Program.

Why We Do What We Do

Strong critical thinking is the common denominator of success throughout the world.  At Insight Assessment, we believe that no society, local or global, can flourish without its members learning to think well together.  The risk of poor decision-making is too great.

Critical thinking can and should be fostered, measured, and improved.

In the white paper, “Critical Thinking: What It Is and Why It Counts,” our founder, Peter A. Facione, Ph.D., demonstrates the importance of critical thinking in our professional and personal lives.  He explores the core critical thinking skills and mindset attributes needed to succeed in work and in life.  

Critical Thinking: What It Is and Why It Counts White Paper

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