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FAQ:Test Scanning, Scoring and Photocopying Answer Sheets


What information do I need to know about scanning, scoring and photocopying CapScoreTM response sheets?

Can I photocopy the test booklets when I need additional copies?
No. Under no circumstances may the assessment tools published by the California Academic Press LLC and Insight Assessment be photocopied. Make sure you order enough test booklets so that each individual tested will have their own booklet. Photocopying test booklets is a violation of copyright laws.

How long are my answer forms valid for scanning and scoring?
One year from the date of purchase. Answer forms are date stamped.

Does Insight Assessment  score the tests for me?
Yes. Insight Assessment offers comprehensive Reports and Analytics with the purchase of our test instruments. When you purchase a batch of answer sheets for any tool or test you receive our Assessment Reports package.When answer sheets are returned to Insight Assessment, the batch will be scanned, the scores and sub-scores for each test-taker will be calculated, and the statistics describing the performance of the whole batch of test-takers will be derived from the data. You will receive both a written report with all this information about the batch of answer sheets as well as a computer file that contains assessment and reporting data. You can also phone or e-mail us with your questions about test scoring. For reasons of test security, and to maintain the integrity of the testing tools for all our clients, Insight Assessment never releases the scoring keys.

How long does it take for the results to come back after we send our batch of answer sheets to be scanned, scored, and analyzed?
Normally you should allow twenty working days for scanning, scoring, and analysis.

Can you supply more advanced statistical analyses?
Yes. Our Customized Assessment Reports package enables our clients to customize their results package with additional analyses, graphics and interpretative text discussing their scores in relationship to their particular goals and objectives. These services include pre-post analyses and inferential statistics, such as correlations, t-tests, ANOVA, and the like. Pricing for customized reporting is individually negotiated. Contact us to learn more.

What is a batch-split run processing fee and how can I avoid it?
When you buy a number of tests and/or answer forms at the same time you are purchasing one scanning, scoring, and analysis our pass. Send in all answer forms and they will be processed at the same time. There is a group indicator field on the answer forms that you can use to distinguish different groups of test-takers from one another for purposes of comparing the scores of different groups. Return the entire batch of answer forms at the same time to receive your scanning, scoring, and analysis services. There is an additional run processing fee for each physically separate group of answer forms you send in. To avoid this fee, use the group indicator field. Please include a CapScoreTM Return Form with each group of answer forms sent to Insight Assessment.

Where can I find out more about Insight Assessment's paper and pencil test scoring services ?
This service is called CapScore™.  For further information, follow the link above.

I need a few more CapScore™ answer sheets; so, can I just make a couple of copies and send them in for scoring?
No. CapScore™ answer sheets are specially designed and encoded so that they can be scanned accurately. Photocopied answer sheets do not scan accurately. Data gathered on photocopied answer sheets must be laboriously hand entered. A special services charge will be added for handling, transposing, scanning and scoring photocopied answer sheets. The additional charges are greater than the cost of having purchased sufficient answer sheets initially. Photocopying answer sheets is a violation of copyright laws and, as such, is subject to prosecution.

What if the answer sheets I send back for scoring are lost in the mail?
Many of our clients make photocopies of their answer forms before they send them back to us for scoring. Just in case the worst happens and your shipment is lost or damaged, keep the photocopies -- our scanners cannot read them -- and send in the originals for scoring. By the way, this worry is just one more reason to switch to e-testing.

Why are fresh clean test booklets important?
Answer sheets are sold with test booklets to insure the quality of the test-taking experience for your test-takers. Extraneous marks or writing of any kind on used booklets may influence the performance of a test-taker and therefore only clean and unmarked test booklets should be used in testing. Used test booklets should be destroyed. For security purposes different printings and versions of our tests replace certain test questions with new ones, change the order of test questions, or scramble item responses, all of which also makes using the most current version of the test booklet important.

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