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Insight Assessment sells assessments and personal development programs to institutions and companies.   We will assist our clients to develop the optimal plan to support their goal of improving the thinking skills and mindset of individuals and groups.  Contact us to discuss your specific testing, training, development or language needs.

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Advancing Thinking Worldwide

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INSIGHT Development Program is a turn-key training solution to learning & development of core skills and mindset for critical thinking.  The online modules with accompanying exercises include access to an integrated assessment metric as well as performance reporting tools.

  • TRAINING: INSIGHT Development Program : series of online thinking skills and mindset enrichment modules with exercises, access to an assessment metric and performance reporting tools.
  • EXECUTIVES AND SENIOR MANAGEMENT: INSIGHT Executive : Business leadership, senior executives, accountable for corporate strategy
  • PROFESSIONALS – BUSINESS: INSIGHT Business Professional :  Middle level leadership, highly skilled staff members, with independent responsibilities
  • PROFESSIONALS – HEALTH CARE: INSIGHT Health Professional : Highly skilled clinicians, medical professionals who make high stakes decisions about patient care
  • PROFESSIONALS - EDUCATORS:  INSIGHT Educator Professional : Professors, teachers, mentors, coaches and trainers who train critical thinking
  • PROFESSIONALS - Science and Engineering: INSIGHT Science and Engineering Professional : Science and engineering professionals responsible for complex problem solving and decision making
  • PROFESSIONALS – FIRST RESPONDER: INSIGHT First Responder : First responders, public safety  and security officers 
  • PROFESSIONALS – MILITARY AND DEFENSE: INSIGHT Defense Professional : Officers, senior NCOs, and civilian managers with operational planning and leadership responsibilities in staff or line positions
  • PROFESSIONALS – LAW AND GOVERNMENT: INSIGHT Law Professional : Lawyers and legal professionals
  • SENIOR STAFF – BUSINESS: INSIGHT Business Staff : Permanent, experienced and trusted staff; may supervise, train and lead other members of their team; often have access to key technology or machinery 
  • SENIOR STAFF – HEALTH CARE: INSIGHT Health Staff : Skilled health care staff who perform key clinical functions
  • SUPPORT PERSONNEL: INSIGHT Support : Support staff with well-defined operational support functions, duties or tasks; temporary, seasonal or highly supervised staff
  • INSIGHT Business : Suite of reasoning skills and thinking mindset assessments calibrated for business needs
  • INSIGHT Health : Suite of reasoning skills and thinking mindset assessments calibrated for health care employees
  • INSIGHT Defense : Suite of reasoning skills and thinking mindset assessments calibrated for military and defense employees

Insight Assessment test instruments are used by government agencies, legal professionals, medical and health professionals, universities, financial institutions, security services and businesses to evaluate job applicants, employees, graduate and undergraduate students, professionals, and executive personnel. We recommend the following companion skills and mindset measures.<...

Insight Assessment offers personal thinking assessments on our app, Critical Thinking Insight , downloadable on your app store.  The app includes free sample questions and in app purchasable assessments such as My Thinking Skills – Adult Level, My Thinking Mindset – Adult Level, My Leadership Potential – Adult Level, My Learning Mind - Ages 5-10 and My Learning Mind - Ages 11-17.  Reports for each self test include scores on specific components of thinking as well as analysis to help you interpret your scores and identify ways to help develop strength in each area covered by the tests.<...

Insight Assessment critical thinking skills tests measure the core cognitive skills which are called upon as we form reflective, purposeful judgments about what to believe or what to do.

Insight Assessment critical thinking attributes (dispositions) tests focus on an array of habits of mind and values that influence a person's capacity to learn and to effectively apply critical thinking skills.   Three Insight Assessment instruments for education, the College Student Success (CSS) , Legal Studies Reasoning Profile (LSRP) and the Military and Defense Critical Thinking Disposition Inventory (MCDTI) , measure both skills and dispositions.  INSIGHT instruments measure both skills and mindset attributes.

Insight Assessment INSIGHT products are precisely calibrated to give employers the data they need to create teams of great minds—throughout their organizational structure.  INSIGHT test instruments measure an array of fifteen essential thinking skills and mindset attributes.

Good thinking is in demand. Download Critical Thinking Insight from your app store today:

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Insight Assessment will not share your data with anyone. Click here to view our privacy statement.