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FAQs: Test Administration

Our app based test online system provides the capability of taking tests on a wide array of mobile devices as well as desktop systems.

Tests taken using our mobile app, Critical Thinking Insight , allow test takers to take the assessment on their own devices anytime, anywhere.

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In all testing situations, compliance with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act ( ADA ) is solely the responsibility of the purchaser of tests and testing services.

Decisions about how to accommodate test takers with documented disabilities are the sole responsibility of the purchaser. Insight Assessment is not aware of any limitation in the accommodations required for disabilities and should be notified&n...

Most of our critical thinking skills assessments are designed to be completed in 45 to 50 minutes. This is the amount of time a test taker can be expected to work well at responding to the test items before cognitive fatigue begins. The exceptions are  INSIGHT Executive and ...

Insight Assessment is focused on maintaining a safe and secure environment in which to perform your assessment. Insight Assessment uses the latest in encryption technology in our online system to safeguard your results, protect the privacy of the test taker, maintain client confidentiality and protect the high impact nature of your project.  Strict database security and backup procedures are in place to protect your assessment and scor...

Yes, not only are our test instruments available in multiple languages, our multilingual test interface provides the flexibility of selecting available languages for the test, interface and reports.  We are proud of our culturally appropriate translations of our testing instruments and interfaces. If you elect to administer...

Just about anything that it is legal to ask.  For example, you can ask about educational background, employment background, which department or work group a person is a member of, or how much time a person spends on a given activity.  If you know the choices you want test takers to select from, you can supply them. If you want the test takers to enter a free text response, that works too.

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Yes. As the client site administrator, you determine which tests are assigned to your test takers, when those tests may be taken, whether test takers may make multiple attempts at the same assignment, or whether a given test should be assigned at a later time for a pretest posttest research design.

The User Guide for your assessment describes the wide selection of comprehensive and customizable options available to you for data c...

Yes. The online testing system is extremely versatile. Give us a call to discuss your project.

Insight Assessment's testing system enables clients to create up to ten custom demographic items.  Our customers frequently use the custom questions to better organize their results by gathering the classifica...

Twice  is the most common number of times in most settings. The first test should be scheduled to provide diagnostic information (admissions, hiring, evaluation) and the second should be timed to examine gains as a result of your educational program. Testing can be done annually if these data are needed. As with all testing, care should be taken to motivate test takers to provide a true effort. 

Send your CapScore TM Response Forms to this address:

Insight Assessment
1735 N 1st Street, Suite 306
San Jose, CA 95112-4511 USA

We understand your concern to protect test-taker privacy.  We do not share client lists, or any collected client or test-taker data, with any other entity. Our database is used anonymously to study response rates and to create normative score information.


Our technology staff supports your testing with data centers in three states and two countries that cover time zones in the USA coast to coast. Additionally we have 24 hour emergency service for our international clients around the globe and off hour testing.

NO, a translation can be authorized and validated for test structure and item performance only with specific written permission from Insight Assessment. All translations are copyright protected. Insight Assessment is the exclusive publisher worldwide in all languages.


Test anxiety is the term commonly used to describe anxiety when required to participate in testing situations. For some individuals, fears of under-performance on a test can become reality because of performance anxiety. Because, for some individuals, test anxiety can be severe and/or potentially limiting to human potential, the American Disability Act addresses this issue. The client’s own agency (business, education, military, etc.) may h...

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