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FAQs: Team Building

How do you build your dream team?

  • Learn from your best: Start by measuring the skills and mindsets of your high performers; find out what makes them excel. Once you identify the core characteristics that you need throughout your organization, you can establish benchmarks for hiring and talent development.
  • Then hire confidently & strategically; take the guesswork out of interviewi...

When Teamwork is Dreamwork becomes Your Nightmare

Successful teams possess the ability to come at a problem from myriad directions to determine the best course of action.  

Projects rarely fail due to technical gaps.  Those gaps are usually recognizable, even if the solution is complex.  

Many teams fail instead because elements of analytical thinking...

The quality of the best and brightest depends on knowledge, experiences, problem solving skills and thinking mindset.  Without strong skills and positive habits of mind, knowledge and experience alone cannot be leveraged for leadership.

Resilient companies excel when their best thinkers have strong analytical skills to navigate risks and opportunities to adapt to changing needs. Strength in reasoning skills must be supported with...

Yes.  Critical thinking has been identified by the CJCS as a DLA for officers and enlisted personnel. PME is addressing critical thinking through new educational programming.  Educators know that the most important way to emphasize the significance of any learning outcome is to measure it.  Therefore, absolutely, the valid, objective, and efficient measurement of critical thinking will contribute strongly to the improvement o...

Dependable employees have a strong work ethic, are motivated to complete assigned tasks well and take pride in the accomplishment of work assignments. Dependability is significant when an individual's absence can have a negative ripple effect on the success of a project or team. The Insight Assessment dependability metric measures an individual's independent motivation to willingly accept responsibilities and commitment to the company and t...

Prescreening employees for honesty is an important way to reduce risk.

HONESTY is critical for customer relations and effective teams. Honesty, trustworthiness, integrity, ethics, truthfulness and respect for property are non-negotiable.  INSIGHT assessments provide objective measures of honesty as well as c...

Yes. We recommend  INSIGHT Executive for executive level decision makers.  This two part tool has been calibrated to measure leadership attributes and decision skills at the highest corporate levels such as C-Suite executives, upper management, division heads, directors, and vice presidents. &...

Insight Assessment offers the optimal combination of test quality, value, scoring and support service, and organization-specific skills and attribute testing.  Discuss your project by phone with one of our client support specialists or senior assessment consultants.

Insight Assessment continues to review the environmental practices of our company. Over the past 10 years, we have been investing in improving the electronic delivery of all of our products in anticipation of the need for a business solution that responds maximally to concerns for the environment. Delivering our product through online testing provides the best protection of our planet and the best use of our natural resources as we now unde...

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