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FAQs: Pricing & Ordering

Yes, we offer a deeply discounted pricing structure for academic clients, IRS 501©3 organizations, doctoral students engaged in dissertation research, international translation partners, and externally funded independent researchers. Contact us with your specific needs and a non-binding quote will be quickly provided.

INSIGHT Assessment Suppo...

Depending on your testing design, paying for the amount of testing used on a daily basis is an account option. This opportunity applies to clients who use electronic testing options. Once a client has set up their testing account and made an initial purchase of test licenses, they may elect to be billed monthly for any additional licenses that they use. This billing option can remain in place indefinitely, so long as the account remains in....

Insight Assessment maintains a standard base pricing model with established discounting opportunities: educational assessment projects for academic non-profit institutions, peer reviewed research studies, dissertation research, and other 501(c)3 programs. In the case of paper testing, pricing is also determined based on your batching requirements for scoring.  Contact us with your specific needs and a non-binding quote will be quickly....

Representatives of educational institutions, employers, researchers, government agencies, etc. can preview any of our high impact assessment products prior to making a decision to adopt the instrument.

Previews are provide to clients through the electro...

Insight Assessment is committed to offering researchers, NGOs and community service agencies reduced pricing through our internal grant program.  We recognizes the importance of ongoing independent research projects which will contribute to knowledge about how to improve human reasoning and decision making.

We have provided subsidizing grants for customers conducting studies to improve communities, non...

Yes. Insight Assessment can make your survey available to your workers using our online testing system. With online testing you can have access to your group's test results as soon as your test takers complete your survey. Our online testing system is a secure module accessed by your test takers via the Internet. As the client site administrator, you would have special high-level access to all responses and test taker information. Or, if yo...

For reasons of test security and to protect the testing programs of our institutional and industry clients, Insight Assessment restricts purchase of certain of our testing products to qualified professionals and researchers as indicated on our website. 

We do not permit our secure testing instruments to be included in library collections. However, you may wish to purchase the Test Manual for one or more tests.  These do...

No, this is never necessary. Every time you purchase assessment licenses in paper and pencil format, you receive a matched booklet and CapScore® response form for each planned administration.  Photocopying test booklets or CapScore® forms is a violation of copyright laws.  For purposes of test security, it is important that clients protect testing materials from unauthorized access.  Paper test booklets should be destroyed af...

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Insight Assessment assists clients with purchases by providing three kinds of documents: Price Quotes, Sales Orders and Invoices.

Price quotes are price estimates based on our discussions of your testing needs.  Price quotes are free of charge, are binding on Insight Assessment if accepted in writing before they expire, which is typically 30 days, but not binding on you.  If you do not wish to accep...

Insight Assessment is the exclusive source for its products and translations. Under specific situations we have entered into reseller agent relationships. Under no circumstances are rights transferred or independent scoring permitted. Contact us prior to any third party discussions if you believe your situation requires special consideration.

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