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Why Prioritize Training Thinking Skills in Onboarding

Onboarding SINK or Swim

The most important workplace skill is strong thinking 

The best onboarding programs, also known as orientation sessions, include training of thinking and decision-making skills.

New hire success depends on more than knowledge about the company, policies and products. The success of new hires depends on how you make sure they acquire and then apply necessary knowledge, skills and winning mindset to become effective team members.

Employee performance is tied to critical thinking

The effectiveness of new hires corresponds to their ability to:

  • be fast learners, motivated and willing to engage problems while assuming new responsibilities. 
  • be able to analyze problems, interpret and assess explanations, evaluate alternatives, anticipate outcomes, avoid risks and act on priorities.
  • make fewer mistakes, understand the importance of policies and drive innovation.
  • understand the values and characteristics that are important to your company culture.

Want to employ people with the ability to make the best decisions for your business?  The first step is to promote critical thinking skills and mindset in your onboarding.

Offer training to identify and promote strong decision-makers

Weak and lazy thinkers cost you money and opportunities, while strong thinkers improve productivity and maximize profits.

Along with assimilation and retention, one of the goals of onboarding is to improve your team dynamic. 

Relevant training and development opportunities are important components..

Investing in critical thinking training yields returns in increased employee engagement and job satisfaction. It also demonstrates your company's commitment to employee growth.  Training to improve thinking is personally, and professionally, relevant to your workforce.

Picture showing the back of a man in a blue shirt standing in front of rows of seatedtrainees

Implement a training program that allows employees to excel

The right employee development program pays for itself. It reduces the time and cost of wrong hires and accelerates the effectiveness of good hires.  Insight Assessment trusted learning and development tools deliver results.

Use INSIGHT Development Program to build reasoning capabilities in new hires and current staff to achieve the goal of better thinking throughout your organization. This online program delivers a turn-key approach to strengthening decision-making and problem-solving.

Emphasize expectations, build employee competency and confidence

  • Designed to be used as an independent training study by employees, INSIGHT Development Program can also be incorporated into existing new hire training programs.  Online, self-guided training modules are available 24/7 on a secure website. 
  • INSIGHT Development Program includes the use of internationally respected assessments.   These comprehensive individual reports can be used for individual professional development and HR programs.
  • As participants progress through the modules, they will see the value of improving thinking skills and avoiding common reasoning errors. The motivation to use these critical thinking skills to make sound decisions is reinforced. Employees gain confidence as they build their core skills and motivation.

Decision-making impacts your bottom line every day.  Measure thinking to improve performance and productivity. Your investment in the training and assessment of thinking will pay off in better decisions throughout your company.

Contact us to discuss integrating INSIGHT Development into your onboarding and HR programs.

Good thinking is in demand. Download Critical Thinking Insight from your app store today:

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