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What Our Clients Say About Our Services

Comments and Quotes from Insight Assessment clients:

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We are pleased with the Business Critical Thinking Skills Test (BCTST) . So far, it is the best tool on the market that measures critical thinking for the business professional. The feedback is an important part of discussion among students. In addition to student feedback, the data is best utilized through our assessment analysis and application for program improvements.

Again, I thank you for your assistance!

Cynthia G. Wilson EMBA

Cynthia G. Wilson, EMBA

Executive Director Management Studies

School of Business & Leadership; Malone University


"Thank you so very very much. All files arrived in great shape and I can open them without any problems. I really appreciate this. I just have to say - we have used the California tools here since 1992 and have always hand scored them. I am so glad we have now switched. Whether I have ordered tools, or had questions, or called about CapScore, you have ALWAYS [Sic] been available and had answers for me. I am very impressed with the service your company provides. I am a very satisfied customer."

Carol E. Larson

Undergraduate Program Director
School of Nursing, Mankato State University

Ian Quitadamo.test

My colleagues and I strongly believe that critical thinking is the key to academic excellence, personal productivity, and engaged world citizenship. In a rapidly changing world and a never-ending deluge of new information, students need a cornerstone they can use to build a solid foundation for success. That cornerstone is critical thinking. Teaching students how to think critically can be done, when the right questions are asked and the right methods are used in an intellectually challenging, relevant, and engaging environment.

Our research has investigated teaching methods that produce measurable, verifiable gains in critical thinking for all students. Using the California Critical Thinking Skills Test (CCTST) in pre- and posttest assessment across a wide variety of university-level science and math majors and nonmajors courses at several institutions, we have shown that collaborative writing (Quitadamo, I. J. & Kurtz, M. J., 2007), Peer-Led Team Learning (Quitadamo, I. J., Brahler, C. J., & Crouch, G. J., 2009), and Community-Based Inquiry (Quitadamo, I. J., Faiola, C. L., Johnson, J. E., & Kurtz, M. J., 2008) all produce significant gains in critical thinking. In contrast, traditionally taught courses do not appear to produce any critical thinking gains. Aside from these methods, prior critical thinking skill and instructor play significant roles in critical thinking gains. These results and the large body of work in critical thinking (Facione, P., 2011) show that college students are capable, and that better educational outcomes are possible.

Ian J. Quitadamo, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Biology and Science Education
Central Washington University

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[Insight Assessment's client support for online clients is] Tremendously helpful! You are providing really great customer service! 

Ruth-Ann Clurman

Ruth-Ann Clurman
Learning Leader
AHIS, System Office
Ascension Health

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"Thanks,... I appreciate your help with info on the CCTST. By the way, we are very pleased with all the service and support we’re receiving from Insight. It is a very pleasant improvement over our experience with some other test vendors."

William G. I. Kirkwood

Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
Executive Director, Office of Planning and Analysis
East Tennessee State University

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"This afternoon, I got the shipment of the testing instruments. And quite happily, in the package, I found the book by Peter A. Facione and Noreen C. Facione. Thank you so much for what you've been doing for me. Honestly speaking, your kind support is one important reason why I am determined to go on with my research on critical thinking for the rest of my life. I am very glad to recommend your services to the other users all over the world and sincerely hope more scholars or researchers could work together to improve common people's critical thinking. Thanks again for the significant work you have been doing....It's good to know you and your colleagues. What impresses me most is your devotion to the job and your kindness to your customers." 

Cathy Fang Liu

China University of Geosciences

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"The California Academic Press is right up to date and very efficient. I highly recommend them."

Fred Cole

Psychometric Service Office
Wayne State University

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"The CCTST is preferable to other critical thinking tests available because of the parallel test forms which are particularly suitable for pre- and post-testing."

Dr. Gloria Rogers

Dean for Academic Services
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

Joanne Profetto-McGrath.test

My work is still very much focused on Critical Thinking. I believe more than ever of its importance not only in academia but in our everyday lives. 

A colleague of mine in Dental Hygiene and current doctoral candidate at the Faculty of Nursing, University of Alberta (Sandy Cobban) has done research re research utilization practices and critical thinking dispositions of Canadian dental hygienists. As part of the study we used the CCTDI. The studies have been completed and the work published and in review. The citations are as follows: Cobban, S., & Profetto-McGrath, J. (In Review, June 2010). Dental Hygienists' Research Utilization: Influence of Context and Attitudes. International Journal of Dental Hygiene. Cobban, S., & Profetto-McGrath, J. (2008). A Pilot study of research utilization practices and critical thinking dispositions of Alberta dental hygienists. International Journal of Dental Hygiene, 6(3), 229-237.

One of my doctoral students, Christy Raymond-Seniuk, is focusing her research on the critical thinking of nurse educators to build on her Master's work which was published in 2005. She used the tools as well. The citation of that publication is as follows: Raymond, C., & Profetto-McGrath, J. (2005). Nurse educators' critical thinking: Reflection and Measurement. Nursing Education in Practice, 5, 209-217. We have also written a chapter for an edited book: Raymond-Seniuk, C., & Profetto-McGrath, J. (In Review). Ways of Thinking: Critical Thinking in Nursing. In D. Gregory, C. Raymond-Seniuk, and Linda Patrick (Eds). Canadian Fundamentals of Nursing."

Joanne Profetto-McGrath Ph.D., RN

Professor & Vice Dean
PI-Building Provider Capacity Research Program
Associate Faculty - KUSP
Faculty of Nursing University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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Thank you for your quick response.  Your service is always outstanding!  You have provided above and beyond in support of my use of your tests and service.  Please know if I can provide testimony or recommendations publically or in any other form I am just happy to do so.

Kathy Slemp, SPHR

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