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Insight Assessment provides critical thinking assessment and development for students, job applicants, employees and leaders. We offer validated, industry customized testing in multiple languages along with turnkey training solutions. Since 1986, we've been improving critical thinking skills and mindset to support your organizational goals.

INSIGHT: Business Critical Thinking Assessment and training tools

Tools that provide employers with the metrics you need to hire strong critical thinkers along with the training programs to create lifelong learners with the soft skills required for the future of work

Validated assessments used to measure critical thinking skills in students, from K-12 schools to graduate and post graduate students in over sixty nations and 20 languages.

Critical thinking skills and mindset assessments designed specifically for health science professionals, workers and students.

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Tools calibrated to measure the critical thinking skills and mental disciplines required of military, first responder and public service professionals.

Critical Thinking Skills and Mindset Training

INSIGHT Development Program offers a series of online thinking skills and mindset enrichment modules with accompanying exercises, access to an assessment metric and performance reporting tools. Organizations use these development training modules to strengthen critical thinking skills and foster a positive thinking mindset at every level. An analysis of skills and mindset attributes using our industry leading assessments is included for each trainee. These modules can be offered as self-teaching or to supplement existing training programs.  More on Training

Critical Thinking Assessments

Critical Thinking Resources

Critical Thinking: What It Is and Why It Counts

What is Critical Thinking?

“Critical Thinking: What It Is and Why It Counts,” clearly and engagingly, explains exactly what critical thinking is—and what it is not. Studied across the globe, in multiple languages, this popular and often quoted paper discusses why teaching & training critical thinking skills is so important, now, and into the future.

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Wanted: Virtual Learning for Higher Education

What characterizes effective virtual learning? Higher education is pivoting from an on-campus to a virtual learning model. Content will need to be relevant and engaging if it is to be meaningful to students. Reliable delivery systems are essential. Focusing on critical thinking offers skills that students know are necessary for academic and workplace success.

Top 10 Critical Thinking FAQS

Top 10 Critical Thinking FAQs

Insight Assessment founder, Peter Facione, PhD, answers the 10 most frequently asked critical thinking questions including What's the definition? Which skills and habits of mind are needed? What's the role of creativity, emotion and intuition in critical thinking? Can critical thinking be taught and measured? Who benefits from strong critical thinking?

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Job Skills for the Future

The speed of change is transforming the way businesses hire and develop employees. Experience and expertise are not as important as the ability to learn a job and successfully adapt as the job changes. Strong critical thinking and decision-making skills and mindset are the foundation for business success today and in the future. If a business wants to hire employees for the future, critical thinking job skills must be prioritized

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