As a world leader in the measurement of critical thinking, Insight Assessment has developed a uniquely comprehensive array of test instruments calibrated for a full range of professional and academic needs.

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Our clients depend on our assessments to provide valuable objective indicators of how individuals perform when faced with new problems in high stakes and time-limited situations.

No society, local or global, can sustain itself and flourish without its members learning to think well together.

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Why is Fall Testing Important?

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Fall testing (testing incoming students) is a first step in a comprehensive analysis of educational effectiveness.

  • Directors of Educational Effectiveness test students to obtain diagnostic data for evaluating individual students’ strengths and weaknesses in critical thinking skills and dispositions as they enter programs of study.
  • Fall test data provides useful advising information for guiding students working to complete educational degree programs and professional preparation programs.
  • Measuring the thinking skills and attributes of incoming students provides essential data for student retention programs. At risk students benefit from early intervention with necessary developmental prgrams.
  • Fall data describes new cohorts of students as they enter academic schools or programs, providing useful information to all faculty engaged in classroom level training of critical thinking.
  • Fall data establishes a baseline for the comparison of entering cohorts over time. Campus cohorts can be followed in relation to national norm groups, marking their performance toward a campus quality enhancement goal, and providing  an objective measure of improvement in student’ critical thinking.
  • Obtaining baseline data on entering cohorts is one way to measure the impact of new curriculum or pedagogical approaches at both the program and campus level. With a well-planned pre-post test design, data can be used to follow targeted test takers throughout their program, assessing the long term of specific curricula.  Validated data is an important component of demonstrating student achievement of thinking learning outcomes for accreditation studies.
  • Research on the effectiveness of various strategies for training critical thinking skills and habits of mind in differing educational contexts has become a valuable contribution to student learning. Researchers obtain data at the beginning and end of a designed learning opportunity to examine evidence of the effectiveness of the strategies used to train critical thinking.

INSIGHT: Identify Strong Thinkers for Manufacturing


One thing remains constant in manufacturing.  Productive workers must be strong thinkers and problem solvers and they must also have the key personal and workplace competencies of top performers.  They are fast learners who can analyze data, excel in changing environments, are motivated, reliable, committed to safety, and have a strong work ethic.  Manufacturers depend on a highly skilled workforce able to continuously develop new skills needed to perform complex technical work.

INSIGHT Business assessments are calibrated to provide objective metrics on the strengths and weaknesses of the decision skills and personal attributes of candidates for jobs at any level of your company.  Use INSIGHT to prescreen candidates, to identify talent for promotion, to evaluate training effectiveness, to improve productivity and to reduce the risk of costly errors and bad hires.  

You can’t afford to make mistakes; you need reliable data on the strength of your people. Good thinking drives success and innovation. Increasing the quality of work place decision-making will yield operational quality improvements. Build a better workforce using INSIGHT.

Thinking and Reasoning

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Thinking Resources

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