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As a world leader in the measurement of critical thinking, Insight Assessment has developed a uniquely comprehensive array of test instruments calibrated for a full range of professional and academic needs.

Insight Assessment full service solutions include:

Our clients depend on our assessments to provide valuable objective indicators of how individuals perform when faced with new problems in high stakes and time-limited situations.

No society, local or global, can sustain itself and flourish without its members learning to think well together.


Insights About Assessment

Insight Assessment presents at ICOT 2015

ICOT 2015

The seventeenth ICOT 2015 International Conference on Thinking will focus on integrating scientific findings and best practices in business, education, art and sport. With more than 1600 participants already registered for this Bilbao, Spain conference, the 2015 ICOT is reporting record interest and attendance. The program includes four days (23 June-3 July) of conferences, workshops, lectures, panels, best practices, symposia, think tanks, and round tables lead by over 50 international experts. Presentations will focus on thinking in four fields: Business, Education, the Arts and Sports.

Insight Assessment senior researcher, Dr Peter Facione, has been invited to make two presentations: The Educational Power of Measuring Critical Thinking and Training and Measuring Leadership Decision Making. He will also participate in a round table on the topic of “Skills for Successful Leadership in Business” in which he will link leadership decision making directly to the educational learning outcomes known as critical thinking.

Insight Assessment is excited to participate in this global discussion of the importance of good thinking. Our thinking assessments are used in English and in translations throughout the world; our clients value our ability to provide language flexibility in the assessment instruments and in the test taker interface (TTI).  Stay tuned for more information about the proposed live feed of conference presentations. We also plan to post portions of Dr. Facione’s presentations after the conference. If you’re attending the conference, be sure to stop by our booth.

Personal Thinking Assessments

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Are you a good thinker?

Thinking skills are essential life skills. Now you can measure your thinking skills and mindset using the Critical Thinking Insight app, downloadable from your app store. These authentic reasoning skills tests and mindset evaluation tools are based on the employment and educational tests Insight Assessment provides to businesses, health care agencies, colleges and high schools around the world. This is the first time these kinds of quality instruments are available for your personal use.

Are you looking for a good self-test of your thinking skills?

Get started today with the free sample reasoning skills questions and free sample reasoning mindset items. Then measure your thinking with the in-app purchasable personal assessment options including more detailed and challenging thinking skills tests and mindset measures including My Thinking Skills, My Thinking Mindset and My Leadership Potential.  Purchases of personal assessments include an analysis of your scores on key elements of good thinking. Specific suggestions for improvement help you interpret your scores and grow even stronger in each area covered by the personal assessment.

Good thinking is in demand. Download Critical Thinking Insight from your app store today.

Find out if you the skills and mindset to make good decisions.



Thinking and Reasoning

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Thinking Resources

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