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As a world leader in the measurement of critical thinking, Insight Assessment has developed a uniquely comprehensive array of test instruments calibrated for a full range of professional and academic needs.

Insight Assessment full service solutions include:

Our clients depend on our assessments to provide valuable objective indicators of how individuals perform when faced with new problems in high stakes and time-limited situations.

No society, local or global, can sustain itself and flourish without its members learning to think well together.

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Innovation Depends on Strong Thinking

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Most innovative ideas die in the implementation process. Innovation can be a catalyst to growth. However, benefiting from innovation is a two stage project.  The easy part is identifying a new or better way to meet a need in your organization. As Thomas Edison famously said, Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspirationYou need to make sure your team has the mental disciplines and mindset to drive that new idea from concept to completion.

How can you identify and cultivate potential successful innovators? Subjective signs or signals can't tell you if a candidate has the capability to be an innovator. Insight Assessment researchers have identified 5 analytical reasoning skills and 10 personal mindset characteristics that predict innovative thinking and the drive that innovators need to take an idea through implementation.  INSIGHT Business Professional is the objective assessment tool that provides comprehensive individual reports of strengths and weaknesses in each of these 15 essential thinking skills and core mindset attributes.

It’s easy to talk about wanting to be more innovative; it can be a lot harder to build innovation in your organization. Contact Insight Assessment to discover how we can help you create a workforce and culture that fosters innovation.

Characteristics of Strong Critical Thinkers

graphic-IA skills & Mindset
  • inquisitiveness with regard to a wide range of issues
  • concern to become and remain well-informed
  • alertness to opportunities to use critical thinking
  • self-confidence in one’s own abilities to reason
  • open-mindedness regarding divergent world views
  • flexibility in considering alternatives and opinions
  • understanding of the opinions of other people
  • fair-mindedness in appraising reasoning
  • honesty in facing one’s own biases, prejudices, stereotypes, or egocentric tendencies
  • prudence in suspending, making or altering judgments
  • willingness to reconsider and revise views where honest reflection suggests that change is warranted

Based on the APA Expert Consensus Delphi Report description of strong critical thinkers.

Thinking and Reasoning

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Thinking Resources

This popular and often quoted essay about the meaning and importance of critical thinking was written by Dr. Peter Facione for students and the general public. It invites readers to...
The Insight Assessment app, Critical Thinking Insight, free at your app store, includes two stimulating thinking assessments:
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